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Have you already searched on the internet, based on your hair tone, skin and eye color to find out which season you belong to according to the season analysis? And have you tried to diagnose yourself to find out which body shape type you belong to? Pear? Apple? Hourglass? Or something totally different? You will receive exact answers to these questions at a YURKOV group style training! With the help of color drapes, in front of a mirror, with the help of a professional style consultant, we will determine whether the colder or warmer color tones suit you better, as well as whether you belong to the autumn, spring, winter or summer type! We will also have a look at which jewelry is the most ideal for you: gold, silver, champagne, rose gold…. We will also determine your body shape with the help of a measuring strip, based on the methodology developed by YURKOV and we will show you which cut lines and style suits your body the best. It is an experience of a lifetime ☺!

The price of a training: 100$ / person
Location: YURKOV Fashion Lounge, 2nd district headquarters I'M INTERESTED


YURKOV Stilustrening


By the way we have received a letter of complaint 4 weeks after one of our style trainings ...
... and it made us very happy, and we feel that it is our duty to share it with you:

“An open letter of complaint to the person who came up with the idea of Style Trainings, to Orsolya YURKOV Kovács and her team:


Dear Orsi,

I have been to one of your trainings recently. It was on a Saturday morning. The moment we started to talk in the group and introduced ourselves, I already felt that there will be big trouble later on but since I always finish what I start I didn’t stand up and run home. But maybe that would have been the safest thing to do….

Now that a few weeks have passed, the whole thing has matured within me, I have decided to share my deep outrage with you by writing an open letter to you! My whole life I have strived to live my life, whatever was meant for me, whatever I have learnt since my childhood, the important thing for me was to properly accomplish what was expected of me. This is a huge challenge; I have put a lot of energy into this so far. Basically all of my energies.

Then came this style training. I couldn’t sleep the night following the training. I have received so much, so much attention, care, inspiration! This doesn’t suit my rhythm. It shook me up, right down to the bone marrow. A woman, like me, is not used to this, I am not usually told what is beautiful in me, what looks good on me, where is that point where I become visible! What are my colors, how can my personal power become astonishingly effective… you have turned my life upside down.

I have transformed my wardrobe, according to what I have learnt. My husband did not recognize me after a few days, I become pretty, not only when I was going out, but also at home. Instead of being a wife by his side, I have started to become a woman again, the woman who started to open up again and become confident. Amazing female energies have freed up inside of me. He is hugging me and kissing me all the time. Not mentioning other things.. ☺ Do you know how long it has been since this has happened?!? We hardly sleep at night because of you!!

My children also started to be interested in colors and started asking me what looks good on them in my opinion. I have managed to close a long lasting wartime with this training, I don’t have to fight with them anymore about what they should put on, I have become authentic for them and they believe me! I can’t believe it! But now thanks to you I have to transform their wardrobes too!

At work I get more and more compliments regarding my clothes. I literally have to shake-off my male colleagues, since they are courting me all the time. They have no idea about what kind of knowledge I possess!

Since the training my brain is continuously clicking, I started looking at other people too, paying attention to what colors they are wearing, whether it looks good on them or not and I actually see what looks good on somebody and what doesn’t. You have given me a completely new perspective! You have turned my life upside down! Now I am definitely sure that I am able to launch the business that I have been planning for a long time. And I can take the knowledge that I have gained from you and put it into my business. About the colors... I am heading for a big change! And I am ready for it!

I have decided to write this open letter to you, so that through my experience, others can see that indeed your style trainings are not without consequences! I decided to name it Letter of complaint because the sweeping desire for change came rushing down on me and I never thought that anything can shift me from my usual lifestyle. If somebody goes to your training, they should be aware that their life will turn around! In an enormous way! You really got me big time!

Yours, Mrs. Kristan, Ildikó V.
30th August 2016.


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Alright, YURKOV hereby takes full responsibility! And we are ready to shake up as many ladies as possible, we are ready to show as many ladies as possible what is pretty in them and what looks good on them. Thank you for your personal toned letter Ildi!










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