Orsolya “YURKOV” Kovács, founder of the YURKOV Fashion Lounge, gives a presentation about the importance of style, appearance and personal power. Orsolya’s presentations are dynamic, informative, enjoyable and entertaining. She takes the audience into the world of stylish dressing with ease and brings loads of ideas for the everyday business look, with facts, humor and plenty of useful information, therefore the audience immediately receives useful tricks and information.

The price of a presentation: 1000$ / presentation (the presentations are usually 40 minutes long) I'M INTERESTED


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Our professionalism is first shown by our style. The appearance of a businessman or business woman carries a message about their personality, their role and also about the company that they work for. It already communicates before any words have been spoken. A business appearance is only truly powerful if it is self-identical and has authentic consciousness in it.

With the help of the style consultants of YURKOV, following a group style training held for the company, the colleagues will know what colors, style, dress code and cut lines they should be looking for and they will also learn every small trick about stylish appearance – therefore not only will they represent the company with their professionalism but also with their appearance, in an authentic (and self-identical) manner.

YURKOV’s program hands over this consciousness to the colleagues at a company style training. The aim of this style-empowering program is for them to learn and practise the tricks of a more stylish and more confident appearance. Because the base of professionalism is a professional style.

After a short (approx. 3 hours), small group meeting, the colleagues will:

  • be aware of their own color tones, therefore they will consciously wear the most suitable colors for them or for a given occasion
  • they will consciously choose the clothing items that best suit their body shape
  • they know the basic business wardrobe and the possible variations
  • they confidently know their way around the dress codes and
  • they consciously apply the tricks of typical business-life appearance

The price of a company style training: 200$ / person (from minimum 10 persons) I'M INTERESTED


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The YURKOV style consultants are personally available for your company, upon request, we can provide an expert up to once a week, who will undertake supervision and availability: the colleagues can contact her and receive immediate answers regarding their questions about style and appearance.

The price of availability: 1000$/day/style consultant I'M INTERESTED


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