• We know, that if we strengthen your style, we also increase your personal power!

  • When YURKOV dresses you, YOUR style will truly serve you.

  • Finally we get an answer for why a certain piece of clothing is our favorite and why exactly do we often feel miserable in another piece.

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For YOU to become stronger. This is our mission. Whether we work in Hungary or California, we, the YURKOV Style Consultants, are working on making YOU feel better in your skin. If you feel better about yourself, your self-confidence will grow. If your self-confidence will grows then your personal power grows as well.

Your personal power is your style, your style is your personal power.

Finally you will get an answer for why a certain piece of clothing is your favorite and why exactly do you often feel miserable in another piece. We will help you build up a professional wardrobe for the long run, we will go through all your pieces, checking to see which pieces do not fit in your style, color or size and we will also help you find the perfect pieces to replace the old ones when we go shopping together.

We, the YURKOV Style Consultants, look at you with a very different eye than anybody else. We know that your invisible self-manifests through your visible self. We see you, your invisible part and we help you make this part of you more visible in an authentic and self-identical way. We know that if we strengthen your style, we also increase your personal power. We do not dress your body; we dress you, this way YOUR style can truly serve you!

Not anybody can become a YURKOV Style Consultant. A YURKOV Style Consultant is specifically refined, submissive, as well as powerful. The YURKOV Fashion Lounge is a professionally outstanding consulting team, with members who were selected by strict requirements, having extremely serious and susseccful business backgrounds and previous psychological qualifications as well.

Our company clients:

TEDxDanubiaHungarian TelevisionSIGNAL Insurance, OC Otthon Centrum (real estate(, GENERALI Insurance CEE, MPK PLC, PROVICE Ltd., AEGON Insurance, BAU-Trans Kft., Mala Garden Restaurant, Organo Gold, Pannónia Insurance, AAM PLC., ING Insurance, GE Heathcare. 



Style training

the location of our small group trainings is the YURKOV Salon (Budapest, 2nd district, 21 Kis Rókus street), where we get to know each other in the morning and then we start to deal with the basics of appearance and color analysis.

YURKOV 2 minute ideas

Videóinkból mindennapi praktikákat, tippeket és ötleteket kaphatsz sminkelési, öltözködési témákban.






1024 Budapest,
Kis Rókus str. 21., fszt. 3.

95129 San Jose/Cupertino
1035 S De Anza Blvd.




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