A feeling. An extremely good feeling. When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and you like what and whom you see. A feeling that you are fine, you finally look good. That you have a lot of power. That everything is alright. Would you like all your days to start like this? A consciously built up wardrobe is the perfect corner stone for such mornings.


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Who would not be curious to find out what colors look really good on them? To find out which type they are according to season analysis: autumn, spring, winter, summer, considering their natural features which are close to the face? This is what we start with when you come to us at the YURKOV Studio. With the help of color analysis drapes, we find out whether the warmer or cooler color tones suit you more, as well as which season type fits you the most. Based on this knowledge we will discuss which colors, materials, accessories and jewelry you should wear. After you know exactly what are your colors, materials, metals and accessories, with the help of a measuring strip, we will find out which body type’s features can be seen in your silhouette, based on the methodology developed by YURKOV.

Afterwards shopping becomes much easier and more conscious and you will also pick your daily pieces with a lot more confidence.

Price of service: 200$ / person I'M INTERESTED

Price of style consulting for couples: 300 $ / couple I'M INTERESTED



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It is strategically important to sort out your wardrobe before creating a new wardrobe. Your personal style consultant will lead you, so that all those pieces can be eliminated from your wardrobe that do not fit there because of their color, style or size. During this process you get to practise what you have learnt: through your wardrobe you get acquainted with your colors, color tones and the cut lines that are perfect for you. With the help of a style consultant the creation of a wardrobe can supply you for years with munitions for dressing.

The price of wardrobe sorting: 100$ / hour (usually takes 2-3 hours) I'M INTERESTED





Before going shopping with you, your personal style consultant explores the stores beforehand, to make sure that you will be taken directly to those shops where you can find the pieces that are suitable for your colors, body type, personality and your wallet. At this point your consultant takes into account what is missing from your wardrobe. During shopping your consultant will continuously explain which pieces look the best on you and why, what highlights you the best and how. We will complete your wardrobe with the new pieces and this will ensure years of confident dressing!

The price of shopping together (which of course does not include the price of the items bought): 100$ / hour (usually takes 2-3 hours) I'M INTERESTED





During the consultation make-up artist Dora Graff, in coordination with your style consultant, will show you the tricks of doing make-up through theoretical and practical techniques, in accordance with our guest’s personality, skin tone, hair and eye color. She will teach you how to use the brushes, the materials and how to apply the colors during the creation of a day-time and a night-time make-up. The main part of make-up consulting will be the practical training, this way our guest will learn and practise all the necessary stages, step by step, to create a make-up which is the best for her.

The personal make-up consulting takes minimum 3 hours and the price is: 60$ / hour I'M INTERESTED


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In coordination with your style consultant, Boglárka Oros hairstylist will help you find the hair tone and hair style that suits you the best, based on your hair structure, hair density, the quality of your hair and the shape of your face. She will also assist you in planning your home haircare system and will also tell you the tricks to creating basic hairdos.

The personal hair style and hairdo consulting (price only includes a cut, but not dyeing) takes minimum 3 hours and the price is: 60$ / hour I'M INTERESTED


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